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Petit Bout du Monde

Welcome on the Petit Bout du Monde project web site !

The 6 travellersWhen writing these lines, we feel like having the heart squeezed. This trip brought us a lot. We have learnt to become a little bit more human and also not so mistrustful. All the people we met on our way made us appreciate their culture. We learnt a lot about the history of all these countries we went through and thus we have been able to think about its influence on the society like it is nowadays. We hope we brought something to these Chinese fishermen, to the Mongolian herdsmen, to all these people who stopped us in the streets to know about who we were and where we were coming from. All these moments we shared with them are carved in our memories. We will never forget these moments of solidarity we experienced during the first part of our trip, the people who helped the six crazy French people who were travelling from Paris to Moscow with two bicycles and an old van. We still have before our eyes these colourful temples, the pagodas of the Forbidden City, the rocks of China's Great Wall, the Mongolian gers and the Russian cupolas. The trip of a lifetime ! Thanks to those who believed in us !

Tuesday, July 2000, the 11th, we are now ready to go for two months of intense emotion, binding sportive exploits and cultural discoveries. Ten months of heavy preparations led us to this day, but how did we end up here ?

Thanks to common interests for traveling, sport, nature and foreign cultures, two of us decided last September to launch this adventure... Few months latter, we were forming a team of six students from the Universities of Technology of Compiègne and Troyes. Hold by our schools, we have organised this trip meticulously : research for contacts and accommodations on the way to Moscow, diverse bookings, sportive training, administrative procedures and research of humanitarian and social association in order to complete the following program,

From July the 8th to the 22nd Troyes - Moscow on a bicycle with relays, riding 200 to 250 km a day, 40 km each, using a bicycle in lying-down position, known as recumbent bicycle.
From July the 22nd to the 28th Stay in Moscow.
From July the 28th August the 1st Journey in the Transsiberian.
From August the 1st to the 7th Stay on the shore of Lake Baïkal.
From August the 7th to the 8th Journey in the Transmongolian.
From August the 8th to the 15th Stay in Oulan-Bator and its surrounding area.
August the 15th and the 16th Journey in the Transmongolian.
From August the 16th to the 29th Stay in Beijing and its surrounding area. Leading a civil action thank to a social association.

But not everything happened as we had expected it... To begin with, we had to delay our departure for three days because of visas that couldn't be issued, then some troubles with the van made us arrive one day latter in Moscow. We also had to cope with last-minute problems, with the booking of the train tickets and especially reorganise our stay in Beijing as our partner that proposed us the civil action had dropped us. Each problem, each unexpected event was for us an opportunity to meet wonderful people and to experience great moments. We can only agree with the Buddhist maxim : Experience is the most wonderful adornment. [next]

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