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Petit Bout du Monde

Press articles

We spoke about our project to the newspapers and the local radio-station in order to make people aware of it, so that we can share our experience with others.

Unfortunately for you, all the following documents are scanned images of the originals, and then in French.

Cécile sur NRJ The Petit Bout du Monde project has been spoken about several time on the radio. Here is a sample in mp3 format.
Est Eclair [1]
Est Eclair [2]
Est Eclair [3]
The Est Eclair, the local newspaper in Troyes, has regularly released articles about us. Here are some copies in jpeg format.
Libération Champagne [1]
Libération Champagne [2]
Libération Champagne, a more widely spread newspaper, also released an article, here in jpeg format.
Ellipse (Interne à l'UTT) The Ellipse, an internal publication at the UTT allowed us to let all the students know about us in the University, here is the text in texte format.
Giaco Journal Giaco Journal, an internal publication of a school where the Petit Bout du Monde team went to speak about their experience, here is the text in jpeg format.

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